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a haiku about cats


you are cute but please
stop stepping on my organs
ow that was my boob

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im assuming this house is probably haunted so i wouldn’t live in it but it is so beautiful


(by hlaus)

had a dream last night where we were looking for a new home. 
out in the woods by water.

and we found one, tucked back into the trees, and it was right on a river, wide and deep and clear. and it went down a hill and over rocks and away. there were hundreds of catfish in the water. some almost ten feet long and some only a foot. and i was leery and nervous, but you were so excited and against my protests, you waded among them. i stood anxious on the shore, begging you to come out. 

inside the house, the design didn’t make much sense, much more like a museum or someone building room after room without a floor plan, just walls and doorways leading out from one another. the rooms were small and warm, though and with red wood work and copper designs. i loved it so much.

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Taking Back Sunday - A Decade Under the Influence

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chain ov command

Luc Lagasquie
New Zealand

Lake House by sowild
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