the new alt-j album is incredibly sexy and i am in love with it goodbye


jasmine flowers, my favorite (by Le Portillon)

Arnold Böcklin - The Unicorn. 1885

cradles me to sleep at four in the afternoon.

and when i wake up and kiss his shoulder he responds, frantic for me.

i cut his hair in the kitchen, messy blonde curls falling on the floor aroud the chair he’s sitting on.

i miss him when we’re not together.


Maurice Sapiro aka Maurice L. Sapiro (b. 1932, NJ, USA) - Moonglow, 2014    Paintings: Oil

Colosseum ⸗ Noah Siano


'Woods in the Fall' undated watercolour by Childe Hassam (1859–1935).
Image and text courtesy MFA Boston. 

god i just wish i was there

Nathanael Turner

they always want you to carry your hurt and your joy and your breath with grace 

have always felt things in my stomach and chest and back of my knees
so hard and full that they ache i just ache with feeling 
animalistic in the way that i express it all, written up and down my arms 
across my face like war paint

and i get overwhelmed that i have an unborn daughter that will someday have memories that flood her blood and bones with emotions that are so strong they will make her want to throw up or glow and she will have to decide what to do with these things, find a way to release and express them in order to not fall about, miserable and helpless about them

it’s what my momma taught me, crying and open and beautiful with her anger and fear
i think vulnerability is the most graceful and stunning and strong thing
or at least it’s honest

i guess that’s important

☀ ☁