by @adampartridge

my head feels weird

i made friends with a baby in the check out lane in target 

maybe i should go to bed


Autumn  by ahnheesung on Flickr.

Silo in Snow  
Culpeper County, Virginia 
Snow-covered farm field with vintage silo in the distance  
©2014 LJ Holowitz   All Rights Reserved

Bottle Trees
Taken by Eudora Welty

Anonymous asked: Fuck it, I'm going on the date.

i hope you did! please tell me! i am sorry it took me a bit to get back to this i have been gone. 

Anonymous asked: If you were a guy, would you consider going on a date with a pre-op transsexual who happened to be exceptionally attractive as a woman, assuming it were as a hookup sort of thing, and that talking with them could probably be pretty cool because I can only assume they have a unique perspective on life and strong character, and also they offered to blow you?

i would consider going on the date, absolutely. talking with people in general is pretty cool. also yes also yes and i hope you do?? i probably didn’t answer this correctly because i’m sure there’s going to be something i should have said that is more helpful. 

yes, i would go. how did you meet her!!


“When petals fall like tiny stars..” Original Fine Art Photograph

Caravaggio at the Doria Pamphilj in Rome. January 2014.

Old evening reflections by lorenkerns http://flic.kr/p/n2mU8i
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